Minute Women Testimonials

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“I want to thank you both for being so truly wonderful to work with.  You have sent us the most loyal, caring, lovely caretakers over the years starting with Jenaine and others for my parents.  Now onto Jeanne, Diane, and Rebecca for my sister.  They are top quality and caring and they fit so nicely for our situation.  As my sister declines they were all willing to stay with us and persevere through difficult times.  And the countless times I called at 8:15 am in a panic with no coverage and you calmly came through and found people for us…..amazing!  I would recommend you to anyone.  You feel like family, as we have worked together for so many years.  Thank you so much for consistently being there and caring.  You are the best!”

Penny R.

“I love Minute Women’s service.  They placed a care-giver with my adult daughter after she suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2001 and the care giver is still with us.  She is wonderful and I am delighted to have her with my daughter.”

Zoe V

“Minute Women cared for my father-in-law at home before he went to a nursing home.   They were very responsive as a company and the care giver who came was delightful.  She was so sweet and caring.  My father-in-law was apprehensive about someone coming into his home, but he loved her.  It was an immeasurable value they provided.”

June H

“Minute Women has been extremely responsive over the 13 years I’ve been using them.  They take their work seriously and personally, and provide a first-class service”

Laurie L

“The Minute Women agency has been caring for my mother for three years now.  The care givers are not only professional in what they do but extremely loving and dedicated.  It is such a comforting feeling knowing my mother never neglected but given the best of care”

Lou Ann O.