We get a lot of calls at Minute Women Home Care.  People asking about what services we offer and can we help with specific situations, but what are the most common calls that we get?

That’s what we are going to talk about today.  The four common reasons seniors need private care.

As you can imagine, there is an infinite amount of situations that people can call us about, but these are the top four.


1) Fall Prevention

Fall prevention is a huge issue when it comes to seniors.  It is also one of the most common reasons that families call us up looking to see if private home care can help.

Fall prevention is tough on families.  Mainly because if someone has had falls before, the family knows their parent is at risk. 

The tough part is that falls can happen at any time.  We see adult children agonize over the options of how much care is needed and how much in the budget to spend because as we have said in the past, private care can get expensive quickly.

So we do get many calls from parents in different situations who have had falls.  Some of them are “close calls” where just a bump and a bruise.  Others can be serious where lacerations or even broken bones.

Like I mentioned it is tough on families.  You just don’t know when a fall is going to occur and how bad it is going to be.


2) Dementia-Related Issues

Dementia is painful to witness first hand.  Most of us have experienced the devastating disease first hand, and if not we know someone who has.

There are so many different side-effects when it comes to dementia.  Falls, wandering, no awareness of safety, sundowning and much more. 

For example, what happens when someone is a fall risk but has dementia and is a wanderer? 

We have had cases where people get up at 2 AM to start their day and take a walk. 

When my mother was alive, she and my father lived on a golf course in Florida.  But they lived in the boonies, and the golf course had a forest on one side of it. 

Late at night, there were times you could see rescue helicopters, dogs, and first responders patroling the area looking for a senior with dementia who had wandered off into the woods and was lost.


3) General Wellness and Care

While general wellness and care are vague, we do receive a lot of calls about this type of care.

We get these types of call for bathing, laundry, and meal preparation.  Families just want some eyes on their parent a few times a week – especially if the children live out of state.

Laundry is important because we can clean not only clothing but the linens as well.  Making sure that those all stay fresh.  

Showering is a big one too.  The most common area where falls occur is the bathroom.  Soap, water, and unsteady legs do not mix well.

We can come in and provide help with showering.  This allows a senior to stay safe while also keeping clean and sanitary.

Meal preparation is included in this as well.  Often seniors will eat something simple like a deli sandwich or pre-packaged microwaveable meals most nights for dinner. 

For many, preparing, cooking and cleaning up a full meal is just too much hassle, and for some, it can be dangerous using a stove. 

Our caregivers come in, make a large meal that will last a few days, then put them into microwavable containers so they can be heated up. 

The parent is eating a nutritious meal that is still easy for them to make.


4) Facility Discharge

When a senior is rushed to the hospital for an emergency, many times, they will move to a rehabilitation facility to continue receiving care, but in some cases, they can be discharged home.  In either case usually the senior needs additional care to stay safe in their house. 

Whether it is meals, personal care, medication reminders, or all of the above, they still need time to recuperate before they can be totally safe and independent again.

What surprises many people is that there can be miscommunications on when a person is discharged from the hospital, and families are unaware that their parent is being discharged in just a few hours and they are sent scrambling to get care. 

In addition to this, while the hospital has helped fix or cures the acute issue, seniors who go into the hospital usually are disoriented, weaker, and exhausted once they leave.  The state they are in can increase their chances of going back to the hospital dramatically.

That is where we come in.

We can provide the care necessary to help ensure that rehabilitation continues and that the senior is safe in their home.


Wrapping It Up

Like I mentioned there are many different reasons and scenarios where people have needed private home care services.  These are the four most commons reasons where people need extra help.

So whether you need just a few hours of care for general wellness or twenty-four hours per day of care for rehabilitation and fall prevention, that is what we do.  So if you need us or have any questions, give us a ring. – we are happy to help.