So today we get into senior falls and some essential facts surrounding them. 

Falls can be devastating for anyone, but especially a senior.  As we grow older, our bodies just can no longer handle the trauma of a fall like it could when we were younger, stronger and more flexible.

We often get calls from families who need assistance in the home because their parent is recovering from a fall.  Broken bones, brain trauma and the fear of falling again are all reasons we have been hired to keep older adults says.

When reading these facts, take notice that this can happen to your loved ones and there are some things you can do to help prevent falls from occurring – check out the podcast for that info!

  1. 87% of all fractures in the elderly were due to falls.
  2. Two-thirds of older adults who have fallen will do so again within six months.
  3. When an older person falls, they stay in the hospital twice as long compared to a younger person who has fallen.
  4. When senior’s leave a hospital after a fall they are usually weaker than expected can be confused and disoriented.  Seniors can believe they are more independent when they get home than they are as they have had everything done for them in the hospital
  5. Seniors (your parents) will not report falls or talk about them with you.  They do this out of fear that they will lose their independence and be forced to move out of their home or have care brought in for them.
  6.  Most common areas for falls are in the bathrooms and kitchens.  Throw rugs are a big problem as well.
  7. Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injury in seniors.
  8. Medicare pays for 75% or more of the $50 billion in senior falls related costs.  Everyone in America pays for this.
  9. Fall can cause broken bones.  95% of all hop fractures come from falls, but wrists, ankles, and arms can be broken as a result of a fall.