Howdy everyone!  February is normally a quiet month for health care.  It is cold outside, less people are out being active, so less injuries occur.  This unexpected warm weather has changed that and it has been bonkers!  It was another crazy month with all the articles that are going coming out.  As you know, there is an awful lot of junk to sort through every month, but I found a ton of great articles for you. So here are my picks for the very best of caregiver news, just click on the links you find interesting.  Anything with a [Must Read] is a must read!


Many think that mental activity can prevent dementia, but it looks like that might not be true, but the good new is a study suggests that dementia rates are falling.

How saying ‘I love you‘ can help with dementia patients.

[Must Read] Researchers highlight brain region as ground zero for Alzheimer’s.

The bodies immune system plays a larger role with dementia than thought.



A new study shows high-fat diets may increase cancer risk, while regular doses of aspirin can keep specific cancers “at bay.”



CEO of AARP, Jo Ann Jenkins, is involved in a bi-partisan caucus, Assisting Caregiver Today.

How to organize your finances for loved ones.

If you are looking for caregiving resources start with this place, but also check this one out as well.

How to identify elder abuse and report it.


General Information


Make sure you are eating the best food, for the least coast, with this great list.

Could aging be reversed at some point?

Lack of sleep will make you eat more.

[Must Read] The long-term care market is rapidly expanding.


Facilities (ALF,SNF,CCRC)

Facilities are the highest they have ever cost!

Understanding what continued care retirement communities are.


Wrapping It Up

That’s it for February 2016’s very best of caregiver news.  Did I miss anything?  Write below or reach out on twitter, @mwhomecare!