There is an awful lot of junk to sort through every month, but I found a ton of great articles for you.  Here are my picks for the very best of caregiver news and senior articles.  Just click on the links you find interesting.  Anything with a [Must Read] is a must read!  I always welcome feedback, reach out by commenting below or on twitter @mwhomecare.


Local Information/News

The top healthiest states for seniors – where does Mass rank?

Here is how much the ACA’s premiums are going up in each state. . . it’s going up in Mass FYI.



A lot of news this month pertaining to dementia.

[Must Read] Many publications has come out saying the plaque build up that causes Alzheimer’s and dementia is a result of the brain fighting off diseases.  More research is needed, but this theory is gaining traction.

Alzheimer’s is linked to the loss of the Y chromosome in men and pesticides are now linked to raising the risk of ALS and Alzheimer’s.

As we see almost every month (sometimes I don’t post about it) another study that shows the getting enough sleep helps everything, including memory.

Researchers have now identified a new pathway leading to Alzheimer’s as well as a lack of tau protein is linked to Alzheimer’s too.



A basic overview of what senior care options are available to seniors.  But with that in mind, aging at home is still overwhelmingly popular with seniors, though having home health aides is not as much.

How children are involved with supporting people older than they are.

How long can prices for long-term care and senior care cost go up?  Is there a ceiling?



Understanding CCRCs, abbreviated for Continuing Care Retirement Communities.


General Health

Are drug prices too high, or sometimes, are they not costly enough?

We spoke about this before, but how much sleep do you really need?


Wrapping It Up

That’s it for the best of caregiver news, May 2016.  The internet is big out there, so tell me what you think!  Did I miss anything?  Reach me at @mwhomecare on Twitter or leave a comment below.