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Marijuana and Seniors

Today we talk about marijuana and seniors and the impact that will have on senior living communities Marijuana and Seniors We see new assisted living facilities that have bars in them now as these communities [...]

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Tips for Communicating with Adults Needing Live-in Care

For seniors in live-in care situations, communication style can make all the difference in their comfort and outlook on life. Careful communication protects the relationship between the elderly and their caregivers, and happier seniors are [...]

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Shopping for the Elderly

Today we are talking about shopping for the elderly and how to successfully navigate that journey. In this podcast we get into the following about shopping for the elderly: What is important to them? What [...]

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Downsizing for a Move

Today we talk about downsizing for a move and what should be expected and how to go about it. Some of the topics we go over when it comes to senior downsizing are: Being supportive [...]

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How to Prepare to Become a Caregiver

It can be difficult to watch a close family member age, but making the choice to become a caregiver can give loved ones a sense of comfort and security. The following ideas may be helpful [...]

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