Explanation Of Boston In Home Care Services

Many people have heard of assisted living centers nursing homes, but when it comes to alternatives, many people may not have heard of home care services, and most ask, ‘what is home care?’ In home care services in Boston is an alternative to going into a nursing home or an assisted living center.

The benefit to having in-home care services is that the client receiving care did not need to move all their belongings, clothing, and sentimental items into a small single person or shared room at a nursing and assisted living center.

Unlike the alternatives, home care allows one-on-one interaction with the caregiver and client. Your loved one is always accompanied by someone and has supervision throughout the day. While at a nursing home or assisted living, they have dozens of people on staff that helps with your loved one, while with home care depending on the type of care, you may only have one person dedicated to your loved one. You also can visit your loved one in a comfortable place where you may have once lived. It allows both the client and visitors to be even more comfortable, versus squeezing into a single room.


Private vs Medicare In-Home Care Services

There are two different types of home care.  There is home medicare care, which is paid through Medicare and there is no out of pocket expense to the family receiving care.  The blessing of home care is that it is mostly free for the family, the downside is you do not get a lot of home care assistance with it – maybe an hour a day.  So if you are in need of more care, you must pay privately.

Private in-home care services can consist of both nursing services and home health aides.  Nurses can assist with more medically complex patients and problems.  For example, diabetes, wound care, injections, and medication organization are all tasks that nurses can help with.

Private home health aides will assist with ADLs, (activities of daily living) which include feeding, bathing, showering, dressing, walking assistance, light housekeeping, cooking, and laundry.

Home caregivers can travel all over the Boston, and metro-west area. There is no place that a home caregiver cannot go. If you live near your loved one that needs this service, it can be very convenient, so you do not have to drive to a new location to see a family member. You can let the caregiver deal with getting to and from a client’s residence, and all you need to worry about is enjoying time with your loved one.