What I Read This Month

There is an awful lot of junk to sort through every month, but I found a ton of great articles for you.  So here are my picks for the best of net – caregivier news, just click on the links you find interesting.


Medicare & Medicaid & Hospice

Medicare is reconsidering their policies around hospice services.

Dementia & Disease

The amount of people with dementia has increased to an estimated 47 MILLION people and researchers believe it will triple to by 2050!  Not mention that dementia care will consume 25% of Medicare’s spending by 2040.

Hopefully, we will see fewer cases as we learn more including these important risk factors that contribute to dementia.

A great reminder for how to approach a dementia patient.

Insurance, Hospitals, Assisted Living, and Nursing Homes

For those who need to find low-cost health care, there are always options.  While Congress has approved a bill to increase a Medicare patients rights while in a hospital.

General or Interesting Articles

Know the risk factors and how to prevent elder abuse.

Studies show physical activities in seniors lead to better mental flexibility.

Family Caregiving

Here are some solutions for problem being a dementia caregiver for a loved one as well as some “pick me ups” for when you are having a bad day.

Some great ideas on how to arrange breaks while caregiving

The AARP has determined that family caregiving is worth $470 BILLION a year.


Wrapping It Up

So that is the best of the net that I found.  If you have any caregiver news you think I should see.  Send me a message @mwhomecare.