There is an awful lot of junk to sort through every month, but I found a ton of great articles for you. So here are my picks for the very best of caregiver news, just click on the links you find interesting.  Anything with a [Must Read] is a must read!

What you should read this month. . .


Family Caregiving

Some immediate stress busting ideas for all the family caregivers out there!

This is what the real cost of family caregiving is.

How to have “the talk” with your aging parents properly and five issues that sabotage family caregiving.



The huge news was the Alzheimer’s might be infectious, but then CNN and others came out saying it was wrong.  So who is right?

Some tips that might remind you of successful ways to interact with dementia patients and some tips on how to improve your memory!

A panel of world experts suggests everyone over 70 have their cognitive abilities examined.

Women are 6x more expensive caring for Alzheimer’s than men.

An interesting topic that occurred this month was if seniors with dementia should be having sex, what do you think?


General and Interesting

Avoid the sitting disease which can cause seniors to decline physically and mentally faster.

It is good to know CPR, but it is not nearly as effective as you might think it is.

The chances you are pre-diabetic . . . about 40% percent!

[Must Read] How low should your blood pressure be?  Federal health officials ended a study early because the results were already conclusive and prolonging the study would endanger people’s lives by announcing the information.

A hospital computer that can tell when you die!

Something just nasty, humans walk with a cloud of airborne bugs around them – yuck!