Convalescent Care

Convalescent Care For Any Age

Convalescent care is a service we provide to anyone, of any age, that has been discharged from the hospital and needs a little extra assistance at home as they recover from an illness, injury, or surgery.  While friends and family can be tremendously supportive, they often don’t have the amount of time they wish they had to care for a loved one in recovery. They cannot always be around whenever you need help, which can leave you in a vulnerable, difficult position.

That’s where our convalescent care services can help. Our caregivers provide the additional assistance individuals need as they regain strength at home.

Our caregivers can help with things such as:

  • Light house cleaning
  • Meal preparation and cleanup
  • Errands such as grocery shopping, bill mailing, medication pick up
  • Medication management: reminding you which medications to take and when
  • Mobility assistance, such as helping you move from a wheelchair to a bed
  • Any other chores you are struggling with while in recovery

Who is convalescent care for?

Convalescent care is for anyone who needs help at home while they recover from an illness or injury, including those who have experienced:

  • A Stroke
  • A long or short term illness
  • A difficult injury
  • Surgery
  • Any other issues that require short term care

Our caregivers are here to help, for any number of hours you need throughout the day or night, while you gain your strength back. They are compassionate, considerate of your privacy, and experienced in aiding  with anything from light chores to mobility assistance.

Just as with all of our services, you let us know your preferences and requirements, your location, and when you need us, and we’ll find the perfect caregiver for you. Our convalescent care services are here to serve any man or woman of any age.

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