Very big news in the world of Alzheimer’s and dementia research.  Experts at the Adelaide’s Finders Univeristy located in Austrailia, have had a breakthrough that might result in the first dementia vaccine in human history.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Now, we are still 2-3 years away from being able to test on people, but this is very promising news!

dementia vaccine

How Does the Dementia Vaccine Work?

Austrailian and US scientists developed the vaccine, and it might not only prevent dementia but reverse early stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  The vaccine targets proteins in the brain the block neurons.

The formula targets tau proteins and abnormal beta-amyloid that cause Alzheimer’s. The scientists are confident that the vaccine would eventually be used as preventative vaccine. According to Flinders University medicine professor Nikolai Petrovsky, the proteins must be removed from the brain as Alzheimer’s, and dementia sufferers have lots of these broken down proteins inside.

“Essentially what we have designed is a vaccine that makes the immune system produce antibodies and those antibodies act like tow trucks so they come to your driveway, they latch on to the breakdown protein or car and they pull it out of the driveway,” Petrovsky told

The study, published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports, is available for those that wish to read the very detailed and scientific information.  But this news is critical and hopefully will lead to a dementia vaccine that will prevent and reverse millions of dementia cases shortly.

With millions of people already suffering from dementia and millions more expected to develop the diseases in near future, it would be amazing for the million of families that suffer already.  In addition to the victims, this condition affects family members as well.  To be free of the money, time, caregiving, and emotional strain that comes with having someone in your immediate family suffering from dementia.

Below is a simple infographic from the Alzheimer’s Association on some quick facts about dementia.