Today we talk with Elizabeth Miller of Happy Healthy Caregiver,

Happy Health Caregiver is a website with a blog and a podcast on it focused on family caregiving side of senior care.

We talk about her personal journey with caregiving.

What Happy Health Caregiver is all about and who it is designed to cater to and how it can help family caregivers.

Why she started her own website and podcast, and some of the positive feedback she has received from those who she has helped.

Additionally, Elizabeth is a Certified Caregiving Consultant, so we talk about what that is and how it benefits families.

We love it when people come and guest on our podcast.  While we think we do a good job providing information to you about caregiving, there are many perspectives. 

So we are thrilled when someone decides to join us to give us their two cents about senior care and family caregiving.

So go check out Elizabeth’s website and podcast!