Fall Prevention Tips for Lexington, MA Seniors

Age, physical changes, health conditions, and sometimes medications make falls more likely. Falls are the leading cause of injury in seniors, with 87% of fractures in seniors caused by falls, and falls accounting for 25% of hospital admissions. One-third of the senior population will experience a fall in any given year, and a majority of falls take place at home. Minute Women Home Care Services can help you create a fall-proof, safe home.

Fall Prevention Tips

A proactive plan is always preferable to seeking reactive treatment, so reduce the risk of your loved one falling inside the home by removing falling hazards.

In the kitchen, make sure the most used items are easily within your loved one’s reach, refrain from polishing the floors, and tidy up all the appliance cords.

For bathroom safety, install balance bars next to the toilet and in the shower or bathtub for your loved on to hold onto. Non-slip mats and a raised toilet seat will also help keep an accident from occurring in the restroom.

In the living room and dining room, all furniture should be arranged so that it is easy for your loved one to sit on the couch, or at the dining room table, as well as get out of the respective seating. You’ll also want to make turning on and off lights simple by putting them all of one switch. Outfit the rooms with cordless phones as well.

How to Prevent Fall Injuries

At Minute Women Home Care Services, our caregivers offer personalized services. We can assess your home to make it safer. But in case your loved one does fall, here are some ways to mitigate the damage.

Remaining active keeps muscles limber and joints smooth, so stick to a regular walking and stretching routine. Physical activity improves flexibility, balance, and coordination. Be sure to find an activity you both will enjoy doing together! Seniors should also be ingesting a sufficient amount of calcium, which vitamin D consumption can assist with.

It is also imperative that your loved one uses a medical alert system so that they can contact emergency services if they do fall. This way medical personnel will be on their way to the accident site even if the senior cannot get to the phone to call for help.

With attention to a few details, your home can become a much safer place for your senior family member. To learn more about our home care services, contact us today.