4 Ways Home Care Works In Assisted Living Facilities

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Home Care Works In Assisted Living Facilties

4 Ways Private Home Care and Assisted Living Work Together

How Home Care Works In Assisted Living Facilities

Today, we’re going to be talking about how private duty home care can assist with people that are in an assisted living facility or an ALF. There are four ways that home care works in assisted living facilities. The first way is before they get into their home. Sometimes there’s a really long waiting list to go into an assisted living facility, especially if there’s only one or two rooms that have the requirements that somebody’s looking for.

That waiting list can be a couple days to a couple months, and while they’re waiting for the room to open up, they are susceptible in their home to maybe falling or hurting themselves, or something going wrong. That’s when private duty can come in for a few days or a few weeks or a few months to help out with somebody in their home while they’re waiting to go into an assisted living facility.

Second way is when they need work here in the assisted living facility can provide them. They get about two hours of care per day in each assisted living for one on one care. If you go over there, you’re going to be getting a call letting you know that they need more care than the assisted living facility can provide. The two options there are either, move out of the assisted living facility, or have somebody come in and assist with them, where private care can do that for a couple hours a day.

The third way is that if your loved one has unfortunately developed dementia or Alzheimer’s, and they’re going to be moving from their regular unit down into the memory care unit, there can be a waiting list in this memory care unit as well. So, while they are waiting to move into that unit, they may need extra care than what the assisted living facility can provide. Kind of going back to the second reason you would need us. So, if they’re a wanderer or they might hurt themselves, that’s when private duty can be used when that room is being opened up.

And the final way that home care works in assisted living facilities, and to be truthful, the most regular and most commonly used aspect, is for transportation. A senior may be cognitively 100% okay, they just might not be steady behind the wheel anymore, and they need us to have somebody come up, pick them up, and escort them while they do their daily chores, their grocery shopping, visit friends, things like that, for a couple hours, maybe once or twice a week. So, those are the four ways that a private duty care can assist people that are living in an assisted living facility. Thanks for watching, and we’ll have another video for you next week.

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