Today we speak about the final three hospice myths that many people often face. This service is a very difficult topic that many families can have trouble talking about and confronting.

Since there are a number of myths and stigmas associated with the services, this was an important topic to cover.  So here are the last three myths.

Hospice and Primary Care Doctors

Can you keep you primary care doctor while on hospice?  How are they involved and how long do they stay with a patient who is considering signing on to hospice services.

Primary care doctors are with a patient to the very end and often are the doctors who order and give permission for hospice company to provide their services to a patient.   The is zero reason why a patient on hospice would need to give up their primary care doctor.


Expensive for Patients and Their Families

The vast majority of people who use hospice services qualify for Medicare or Medicaid which makes this myth completely false.  Those entitlement insurances cover the cost of both the care for the patient and the family.

The only situation where families may have to pay for hospice services is if someone is below the age of 65 when they are not eligible for Medicare services.  Then, private insurances usually cover a portion or all of the hospice services, but insurance plans do vary.


Accelerates A Patients Death

Another myth is that it accelerates or help’s someone die quicker.

Studies show the opposite is true, though we may never have a definitive answer, as there are so many factors involved when someone is near death.

What the study does show is these services do not make patients die faster.


Wrapping It Up

Thank you for reading and listening to our podcast.  If you have feedback, please leave a comment below – let us know what you would like to hear on this podcast and what topics to cover!