Video Transcription – How Nursing Facilities Benefit From Private Home Care

Hi, my name is Ryan McEniff, I am the owner of Minute Women Home Care; a private duty home care company in Lexington, Massachusetts. Today I wanted to talk to you how private duty home care is actually used in nursing facilities.

Now most people I believe think that when someone is admitted into a nursing facility they are getting all the care they need from that nursing facility, and that is true 95% of the time. But like an assisted living facility you are pulling your resources together to help a larger group of people that generally don’t need 24 hours of one to one care, and when somebody becomes a quote/unquote difficult case that is when private duty is needed to come in.

Sometimes it is known before the person is admitted to the nursing home that they’re going to be a difficult case, sometimes it’s after they’re admitted and the nursing home, and the family finds out that this is going to need a lot more care then what’s provided.

How Nursing Facilities Benefit From Private Home Care – Who Needs It?

The most common type of person that is a difficult case are dementia and Alzheimer’s patients because they obviously don’t know what’s going on, they can be scared, they can be hostile, they could just be wanderers, and they might be very frail and have a fall risk. We’ve gotten many calls from people, who need extra care in the nursing facility because they’re mom or their dad is a dementia patient, and they need more one to one care than the nursing home can provide.

So if you are putting your mom or dad into a nursing home you know that most of the time they’ll be taking care of by the nursing home and their staff alone, but there are times when somebody needs extra care because the nursing home cannot provide that one to one assistance for hours and hours per day, and that is where private duty home care comes in.

So thank you very much for watching my video on how nursing facilities benefit from private home care, I will certainly have another one next week, but that explains to you how private duty home care can assist with people in a nursing home. My name is Ryan McEniff with Minute Women Home Care, and have a great day.

How Nursing Facilities Benefit From Private Home Care

How Nursing Facilities Benefit From Private Home Care