Household duties are a breeze when Minute Women Home Care provides assistance. A variety of services are available for anyone in an assisted living situation, including help with laundry, dishes, and even deep cleaning chores like washing windows.

Personalized Service

Assistance with a personalized focus is the Minute Women Home Care promise. Clients are in full control of the time spent cleaning, the chores performed, and the way things are cleaned. Only one cleaner will be in the home in order to build a trusting relationship with the client.

The Minute Women Difference

Attention to detail and personalized service are ideal for assisted living clients who need extra help maintaining a home. An individualized evaluation gives every client the chance to address their needs and create a work plan for household duties. Hourly rates and a 100% money back guarantee ensure a thorough cleaning.

With personalized service, getting help with household chores can be a pleasant process.