In our final episode of the four-part series on managing expectations, we talk about caregiver downtime.

Caregiver downtime can be a big problem with certain families.  The problem is there is often caregiver downtime where the caregiver will read, or do something quiet to occupy their time while a client it watching tv, or sleeping during the day.

One of the problems that we talk about is how some families think that the caregiver must be active at all time, while this is understandable, it is not always practical.  While understandable that people want the most for the money they are paying, it does not always benefit the client when the caregiver is away doing chores when they should be ready at a moment’s notice to care for someone.

What this does not mean is that caregivers can be lazy and not complete their tasks and duties that are expected of them on a daily basis.

So if you are interested in home care, and are not caught up on our other podcasts on managing expectations they are low-hours, high-hours, and live-in if you wish to catch up on them.  Otherwise, strap in and let’s get talking about caregiver downtime!