In last week’s episode, we spoke about low-hour cases.  This week we are talking about challenges and expectations of high hour cases.  Next week will be live-in care and the following week, downtime.  This is a four-part series on managing expectations for home care services.

One is not better than the other, but they each come with their positives and negatives.  This series if to give you an honest look at the different scenarios and situations that will eventually come up.

High hour cases pose their own unique challenges because you are dealing with some many hours, a multitude of caregivers and usually are usually complex cases where the client needs specific care that can be challenging.

So when you start looking at home care for anything over 12 hours per day, listen and remember to manage your expectations on what these services are going to offer and what challenges there are with high hour cases.

If you are considering home care services, this is definitely worth listening too because it is going to give you the behind the scenes look at the different challenges that come with each type of care, that way you are prepared for what is to come if you decide to move forward with home care services.

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