So this topic is admittedly a little self-promoting, but at the same time, our podcast is listened to by people all over the country and we can only service about 15 miles of our great nation. 

So the idea was brought up so that you can learn what we think makes us different and you can use that information when you are interviewing and deciding on different agencies in your area.

So we hope you find this information helpful.



At Minute Women Home Care we believe what is right for the client 99% of the time is best for the business.  Word of mouth is massively important for our business, so when we do a great job with a family, we know the word will eventually get around and help us down the line.

Our primary role is to keep people safe in their homes.  It is rare that people call us up for companion work, where we sit with mom and play chess to keep her company.

People are calling us because their parent isn’t safe to be alone and we take that seriously.

So when you hear horror stories where caregivers do not show up and the agency say “whoops sorry we’ll be there the next shift” as it doesn’t make sense to pay overtime to a caregiver to get the shift covered as the company will lose money, it makes me cringe.

That is not the culture that we have here.  We do whatever needs to be done to fill a case.  If a caregiver calls out, a replacement will be found regardless of the cost.

Now, ideally, we try and find a caregiver that won’t go into overtime, but if I need to pay someone over time, or even a nurse to cover the case . . . it will get covered.


Mr. Homer Simpson has a quote that I always laughed at. 

But I think we can substitute the word alcohol with the word communication and then it would be 100% right.

Over the years, how many issues in our personal and professional lives would have been avoided if we communicated better with one another?

That is why we reach out to our referral partners on a weekly basis to let them know of the patients they referred to us are doing.

We are available 24/7 for emergencies with our on-call service.   We are responsive when it comes to calls, emails and even our forms on our website.

If you need to reach us you always can.

Additionally, we speak with our caregivers, employees, and clients on a regular basis.  We like to make ourselves available so that.

How often do you hear from your agency?


Customer Service

Now not everything goes as smoothly as planned.  One of the most frustrating parts of being a business owner is that my personal and professional reputation is directly impacted by my employees.  If someone is having a bad day, it looks bad on me.

With that being said, when problems do occur, the one thing I know I can control is the customer service I provide my referral partners and my customers.

I have been there to be praised and to have tough conversations with people.  When those tough conversations occur we face them head-on.  We tackle the problem at hand and do everything we can to resolve the issue in a speedy fashion.

Things do go awry from time to time with all companies, but the big questions are, what does the company do when an issue comes up?


Wrapping It Up

So, in the end, those are three ways I feel Minute Women Home Care differentiates themselves from competitors.

Take that information and use it to find an agency that answers your questions in a fashion you would expect from a reputable company.

What is their company culture?

What happens when someone doesn’t show up for their shift?

How can I get in touch with you in an emergency late at night?

Tell me how you fixed an issue that you were made aware of by a client?

Ask whatever question on top of those that make you comfortable with that agency.