So today we talk about what to do with your parent’s belongings.   Whether someone passes away or downsizing occurs we look at how to deal with your parent’s belongings.  

Parent’s can have hoarding tendencies or think that everything they own is sentimental and needs to be saved even when it is old or broken, or hasn’t been used or looked at in decades.


Your Parent’s Belongings: Sell or Give it Away?

Do you give items away or should they be sold?  The majority of people will be donating their items to Goodwill or Savers.  One option to investigate is hospice donation centers.  They help fund hospice houses for individuals. 

Often if you are looking to sell something the most likely area to do so is on eBay.  This way you can reach more people and get more money.  If the items are large and can’t be shipped, Craigslist is a great option.  You can sell items or give them away for free, which most items will be picked up within 24 hours.


How To Start

The “throw out, maybe, and keep” method is a great starting point.  This method hopefully allows you to get rid of close to 1/3 of your parent’s belongings that need to be removed from the home.  It also allows your parent to make a decision on what to keep and what isn’t necessary to have.

When to start is a big decision as well.  If your parent’s belongings are overwhelming and they are downsizing, this isn’t going to get done in a weekend.  It might take multiple weeks to go through everything and figure out what is being kept, sold, donated and thrown out.  So plan accordingly for how long this might take.



Pictures are not the place to start when determining what to keep and what not to keep.   These items usually have large sentimental value and don’t take up as much room as other items like books, clothing, furniture and knick knacks.  

Additionally, if there are many pictures, look into scanning them into the cloud so they are all digital and can be viewed without taking up and space in your parent’s new home.


Wrapping It Up

Thank you for reading and listening to our podcast on what to do with you parent’s belongings.  If you have feedback, please leave a comment below – let us know what you would like to hear on this podcast and what topics to cover!