The Boston Glove released two articles last week, one about the troubles of hiring caregivers privately/under the table, and the second article was a human interest piece on what one caregiver goes through on a daily and monthly basis.

This new article talks about a caregiver from Ghana, which is where (apparently) many caregivers are from – especially in the Worcester, MA area.  So we talk and give our reactions to the Boston Globe’s second article about the caregivers. 

Just like in the last article, there are parts I find 100% true and other parts I might disagree with, but overall I do think it is a fair representation of a caregiver.  They are hard-working people who are trying to provide for their family here AND back in Africa.  They do not make a lot for the enormous amount of hours they work each week.

Take a listen and let us know what you think.


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