When a family is discussing what help they can get for a senior it can get stressful.  This can bring up a wide range of emotions.  Many families do not know where to start or what to look for.  So our friends at carepoint.net have come up with some retirement home factors to investigate when shopping around.

For many seniors, retirement homes, especially nursing homes, is considered the worst place to go.  This study shows that 66% of seniors polled would rather die then go to a nursing home.  Often families have promised their parents they will never send them to a nursing home, but that is not always possible.

There are plenty of amazing nursing homes and there are many situations where a nursing home is the only realistic option.  Assisted living and private home care can only do so much when it comes with skilled needs.  So when someone needs more assistance, then a nursing home is the only realistic option.

Retirement Home Factors to Investigate

So when in this position what do you look for?  Other than touring a nursing facility and seeing how clean everything is, how do you know the care is amazing?  How do you know this is the right place for your mom or dad to spend their last years?

Many questions come up when this option is looked at, which is why we have this infographic for you today.  Carepoint came up with an easy to read infographic to learn what to look for and ask when touring these facilities.

One item not mentioned (which is why we called this “six” things to look for) in this infographic is the nursing home compare tool, which was listed in our Best Online Caregiving Tools list.

This tool is updated every time the department of health does an assessment on a nursing home and it lists any and all deficiencies that the nursing home receives.  This allows you to see exactly what the problems are with a nursing home and what the facility did to fix those problems.  It is an outstanding tool that is highly recommended you take a look at.

So enjoy the infographic!


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