The scams targeting seniors these days are complicated and difficult to spot.  There are so many different ways thieves and con-men try and steal money from unsuspected seniors.  

We decided to talk about what the most common ways criminals are stealing money, and not just from seniors, but from everyone.

Top Scams Targeting Seniors

There are a few scams that criminals focus on.


The first is online phishing.  Phishing is where emails are sent from scammers that look like they are from reputable online retailers like eBay, Paypal, banks, or Amazon.

The big difference is they are not advertising you to buy anything but to confirm your password, and once they have your password you have been compromised


Skimming is when thieves target ATMs and will place identical looking card readers over the area where you insert your debit card.   Additionally, they put an identical keypad over the ATM keypad.

The ATM works as you would expect, but when you insert your debit card, it also skims your bank’s account information off of it.  When you type in your pin passcode, the false keyboard records your pin as well.

It can be tough to explain and imagine, so read this infographic below



Wrapping It Up

So those are just two of the ways people use scams targeting seniors and trying to get their money.

Talk to your parent’s, children, and friends about this problem and make sure that you don’t get scammed!