Think you’re too busy caring for aging parents or a recovering  relative to engage in a few self-care activities? You can squeeze a little self-care into your routine, and as a caregiver, if you don’t, you’re laying your health, sanity, and ability to cope all on the line.

At Minute Women, Inc. of Lexington we know first-hand how exhausting a family caregiver’s life gets, emotionally and physically. You act as parent-sitter, home health aide, house-cleaner, physical therapy coach, “taxi driver”, ambassador and cheerleader, financial advocate, and care manager. That’s on top of other roles many of you already have as a parent and/or working person, PTA member, marathon runner… whatever you were doing when you added Caregiver to your plate.

Easy and Convenient Self Care Activities

Self-care isn’t something you add to your plate, it’s more like washing the dishes: cleansing your mind and body in preparation for another round of  “all of the above.”

We found a wonderful source of “Monday Mojo” for caregivers on YouTube, from the Alzheimer’s Care Resource Center. Here is one we liked that offers five ways to take a short break from caregiving to engage in self-care activities. Most don’t even involve leaving the house!


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