Today we are going to talk about the elephant in the living room, senior care costs

Not many companies like to come out and be direct about what their costs are.  And senior care costs can range dramatically depending on where you live in the US and even what part of the state you live in.

In this episode, we talk about a specific website that available that explains exactly what the costs of senior care are in your area.  This is a free resource that is available to anyone.  It is called the Genworth Cost of Care Study.


Senior Care Costs: Additional Resources

At Minute Women, we have a great blog post about all the best places to start looking into care, including where to find out about senior care costs.

That post will give you many different places to start at.  Whether it is for nursing homes, assisted living, or private home care, it is an outstanding resource.

We want to make sure you have all the information you need.  The last situation we want is a customer who realizes the services we offer don’t match what their parent’s needs are and to go through all the effort of starting our services just to find you need to look elsewhere.

So if you have any questions or comments about senior care cost, we welcome them in the comments section below and you can reach out to us on twitter @mwhomecare.