This is the 12th installment of our senior health news round up!  There is an awful lot of information to sort through every month, some good, but mostly bad.  So what so I do? I find the best articles for you from the past month.  


Senior Health News Roundup

Here are my picks for the very best of senior health news and articles for December 2016.  Just click on the links you find interesting.  Anything with a [Must Read] is a must read!  I always welcome feedback, reach out below through our Facebook commenting section or on Twitter @mwhomecare.  Let’s get into it!!


General News

A study in the UK (which most would agree would apply to the US as well) states that 80% of adults in ages 40-60 are “overweight, lazy or drink too much” and they worry about their children, aging parents and work.

A brain scan test can predict fall risks in elderly and older adults, a new study claims.

[Must Read] Scientists reverse aging in mammals and predict human trials in the next decade.  Can we turn back the course of time?

Life expectancy declines for the first time since 1993.




Some outstanding news in the field of HIV.  There is a revolutionary HIV vaccine that is going to be tested on hundreds of people next year!  Let’s hope for success.  Speaking of STDs, more and more elderly people are being diagnosed with them.

More evidence continues to be discovered that fat fuels cancer’s spread, which is not good considering the UK study mentioned above.

Doctors are able to diagnose some diseases (like kidney cancer or Parkinson’s) just by smelling our breath.


Insurances & Hospitals

Women win!  Patients cared for by female doctors fare better than those treated by men.

For the 4th straight year, drug costs for older adults are still soaring in double digits increase.



A new study shows that mice can restore memory loss and prolong life with new drug

Another study confirms the “sniff test” is useful in diagnosing early Alzheimer’s disease.

The is new insight into how Alzheimer’s disease begins from this UT study.

[Must Read] 60 Minutes reported on a family in Columbia with a genetic mutation that’s helping scientist possibly prevent the disease.



A new Norwegian study shows that saturated fat may not increase heart disease risk at all.  Is this going to continue fueling the fire that carbs and sugars are what is really evil?

Many people this time of year change their diet.  One of those items to change is alcohol consumption.  Here is how reducing alcohol intake is beneficial to your health.



Harvard released a report saying that home care will continue to surge as the population ages.

A potent kill many don’t think about in older adults is loneliness and the NYTs has an amazing article on how social isolation is killing us.  In the same vein, this is an article about family estrangement and dealing with it at the holidays


Shameless Self Promotion

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Wrapping It Up

That’s it for the best of senior health news, December 2016.  The internet is big out there!  Did I miss anything?  Reach me at @mwhomecare on Twitter or leave a comment below through our Facebook comments section!  Thanks for reading the very best in senior health news for September.