There is an awful lot of information to sort through every month, some good, but most bad, but I found a ton of great articles for you.  Here are my picks for the very best of senior health news and articles for July 2016.  Just click on the links you find interesting.  Anything with a [Must Read] is a must read!  I always welcome feedback, reach out below through our Facebook commenting section or on Twitter @mwhomecare.


A new brain enzyme might protect the brain from dementia and other neurological diseases.

Studies are trying to determine if a leaky blood-brain barrier is involved leaving people more susceptible to dementia than others.

Dementia patients unaware of their diagnosis are more likely to engage in unsafe behaviors.

There continue to be more studies finding more and more links between diabetes and Alzheimer’s.  Scientists have found preliminary evidence that

Scientists have found preliminary evidence that THC may remove plaque proteins from the brain.


How to handle caregiver guilt, which is something many caregivers deal with at some point while caring for their parents.  Some great tips on preventing falls (we also have an article on that as well).


Research from 140,000 men shows that larger waists could increase the chances of getting prostate cancer.

For the first time, a gene has been linked to multiple sclerosis, which has been elusive for doctors for many years.

Cancer cells become more aggressive from fat storage.

A new compound appears to impede a process that fuels breast cancer.

[Must Read] Lung cancer trial is stopped after the drug shrinks tumors.

Artificial intelligence is outsmarting cancer shows new data in trials.



Fiber intake is linked to successful aging a new study finds.

As obesity continues to rise in the US, cities are declaring war on sugar.


Wrapping It Up

That’s it for the best of caregiver News, June 2016.  The internet is big out there!  Did I miss anything?  Reach me at @mwhomecare on Twitter or leave a comment below through our Facebook comments section!  Thanks for reading the very best in senior health news for June 2016.