Senior loneliness is a quiet epidemic with a big price tag attached to it, explains a WSJ article that was published in December.

As the baby boomer generations continue to grow older, spouses pass away, divorces occur and families are no separated by hundreds of miles as it is more common to move away from where one grew up.

These factors (among many others) lead many seniors to age alone.  This loneliness is causing pre-mature illness and death, poor quality of life and is costing Medicare billions of dollars per year.

There are many different ways anyone can get social interaction and it is onto the individual to find those places but for those looking for a spouse or life companion, it can be very hard and lonely.

If you have an aging parent that needs help finding places for social interaction, websites like Meetup, Eventbrite, Facebook groups, and many volunteer groups all have many options to choose from.

So take a listen as we explore this topic about senior loneliness.


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