The situation where there are seniors living alone can pose a unique set of dangers and health challenges. People over age 65 are the fastest growing segment of the US population. As the aging process makes it harder to thrive on their own, in home senior care providers will greatly improve your elderly parent’s ability to live safely and continue healthy habits as they grow into old age.

Boston Seniors Living Alone

Close to a million seniors are living alone in Massachusetts.

1)At least one in four people living in Medford, Waltham, and Stoneham neighborhoods and sections of Boston’s Back Bay and Fenway are senior citizens.

2) If your aging parent or grandparent lives alone, chances are they would prefer to stay in their own home, even if they remain there alone. Moving can be very stress inducing, and for some, aging in place may be the better choice… if you understand the dangers and take steps to avoid them.

Recognizing Dangers for Seniors Living Alone

Home hazards for our aging population run the gamut from loneliness to malnutrition and broken bones. Frailty, memory loss, death of a spouse, loss of balance and agility, medical conditions and inability to drive, are reasons the home that was once a safe haven can become an accident waiting to happen or a place of social isolation.

Pay attention to these warning signs that living alone is not safe for a senior relative.seniors living alone


  • Poor eyesight, that could make navigating stairs and stoves tricky.

  • Forgetting appointments, leaving appliances on after use

  • Social isolation, staying home alone for days

  • Clutter blocking exits and things that can be tripped over; unable to keep up with chores

  • Forgetting to take or refill medication

  • Poor balance, difficulty climbing stairs

  • Signs of depression, loss of interest in life

  • Poor nutrition, anemia, moldy or rotting food

  • leaving doors to home open, falling for telemarketing scams


In Home Senior Care for Safety

Professional home health aides are well aware of conditions faced by seniors living alone. Your in home senior care helper should visit regularly to help ensure a clean, safe home environment. They will help with food shopping and/or nutritious meal preparation and medication reminders, keep your loved one hydrated, and provide opportunities for socialization on a regular basis.  Home health aides are there to make sure the dangers of seniors living alone are eliminated.


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