In today’s episode, we are discussing where to start looking for care for an aging parent.

There are some places to start looking for attention, and once you know where to go, you will have endless options on where to find advice for different types of senior care.

Boston: Start Looking For Care

There are some different places to start looking for care in the Boston area.

First, you want to look at your local Council on Aging.  They are a great resource and starting point, and every town has one.

Also, when looking for care, you want to reach out to your local ASAPs, which stands for Aging Services Access Points.

You can see a map of the ASAP in your area to contact when you start looking for care.


More Resources

Don’t be afraid to contact your local home care or assisted living facilities to get an idea of the services they offer, prices, and availability of rooms or caregivers.  This allows you to be more informed about the different services and it might rule out certain services because of the price.

Talk to your friends and family and see who has used services before in the past.  They will have feedback that can be valuable.

Geriatric care managers are costly, but they can also be an important resource that can save you time and money when you start looking for care in Boston and the surrounding towns.

More suggestions are mentioned in the podcast, so give it a listen.

Finally, there is a great resource that we at Minute Women have created, which is the 50+ Best Caregiving Tools Online.  It has tons of resources that are online for you to start looking at care for your parent.

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