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2 11, 2018

Transitions in Assisted Living and Hosptials

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Today we talk about transitions in assisted living and hospitals. In assisted living facilities, transitions occur when moving from the traditions unit to the memory care unit.    These transitions are not always as smooth and easy as many hope.  It can take time to make the move from one unit to another and that can [...]

10 09, 2018

Assisted Living Week

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Today we talk about the assisted living week. Assisted living weeks is a week out of the year that is meant to recognize the hard work that companies and it's employees put into caring for older adults. Each year there is a different theme associated with the week.  This year it is 'Capture the Moment' [...]

21 02, 2017

Hiring Home Care: Two Steps to Take

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When it's time to hire live-in care for a family member, it can be challenging to find the right healthcare provider. Families can use this two-step process to find the right in-home care. 1. Conduct a Needs Assessment There are several types of home care that can be tailored to an individual's needs. Personal care [...]

19 12, 2016

In-Home Care or Assisted Living: Which is Best for a Loved One?

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As people age, they may need help with errands, household chores, personal care, and taking medication. Some may require more comprehensive care, while others need only occasional assistance. In-home Care A professional home helper can provide live-in care for seniors who remain at their personal residences. The caregiver can assist with many tasks including laundry, [...]

25 10, 2016

Let Minute Women Home Care Help You With Your Household Duties

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Household duties are a breeze when Minute Women Home Care provides assistance. A variety of services are available for anyone in an assisted living situation, including help with laundry, dishes, and even deep cleaning chores like washing windows. Personalized Service Assistance with a personalized focus is the Minute Women Home Care promise. Clients are in [...]