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3 03, 2015

3 Biggest Differences Between Assisted Living vs. Home Care

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We find that many families think that assisted living vs. home care is similar services and that we are competitors trying to sell to the same people. Even people within the geriatric services community are mistaken that home care and assisted living facilities are competitors.    That someone that needs home care can go to an [...]

1 08, 2014

4 Ways Home Care Works In Assisted Living Facilities [Video]

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  4 Ways Home Care Works In Assisted Living Facilities As still from our white board 4 Ways Private Home Care and Assisted Living Work Together How Home Care Works In Assisted Living Facilities Today, we're going to be talking about how private duty home care can assist with people that are in an assisted [...]

18 07, 2014

How Nursing Facilities Benefit From Private Home Care [Video]

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  Video Transcription - How Nursing Facilities Benefit From Private Home Care Hi, my name is Ryan McEniff, I am the owner of Minute Women Home Care; a private duty home care company in Lexington, Massachusetts. Today I wanted to talk to you how private duty home care is actually used in nursing facilities. Now most [...]

2 08, 2013

5 Reasons to Choose Home Care Assistance for a Loved One

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Home care assistance is a necessity for most Americans who wish to age-in-place.  More than 85 percent of Americans age 50 years and older responded that they wanted to remain at home and never move, when surveyed by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Home care assistance can help an elder, parent or loved [...]