28 01, 2019

Are Physicians Getting Burned Out?

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 A recent article in the Boston Globe brings up the alarming concern about physician burnout.  The profession is "struggling with the unyielding demands of electronic health record systems and ever-growing regulatory burdens." We discuss: What our experiences have been with doctors How we view electronic records The ongoing regulations of health care Pajama time! Cost of employee turnover Ideas to [...]

7 01, 2019

Why Are Rural Hospitals Closing?

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For the first podcast of 2019 we did a little digging with three different articles that all revolve around the same topic, why are rural hospitals closing? It seems that many people are getting concerned about this as more isolated older adults whose children have relocated to different parts of the state or country are losing [...]

2 11, 2018

Transitions in Assisted Living and Hosptials

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Today we talk about transitions in assisted living and hospitals. In assisted living facilities, transitions occur when moving from the traditions unit to the memory care unit.    These transitions are not always as smooth and easy as many hope.  It can take time to make the move from one unit to another and that can [...]