Well, we are back!  After a summer break, we are back with new podcasts from The Caregiver’s Toolbox.

I new feature on the Caregiver’s Toolbox, we are reading stories from real life caregivers and families who have experienced caring for a loved one.  There are many powerful stories out there that we want to recognize and put a spot light on.

We thought changing up the format everyone once and a while was a fun and a way to spice things up rather than the same format each and every time.

Today we are talking about caregiver loneliness through a story.  Lauren Modery gave us permission to read her story she wrote on medium that is all about caregiver loneliness and her experience watching her mother care from her grandmother.

It is a powerful story about a topic that is not talked about enough, the isolation that comes from being a full-time caregiver.  Have no option other than to be a primary caregiver to someone.