This is the 11th installment of our senior health news round up!  There is an awful lot of information to sort through every month, some good, but most bad, but I found a ton of great articles for you.  Here are my picks for the very best of senior health news and articles for July 2016.  Just click on the links you find interesting.  Anything with a [Must Read] is a must read!  I always welcome feedback, reach out below through our Facebook commenting section or on Twitter @mwhomecare.  Let’s get into it!!

General News

Great sex is apparently linked to heart disease for older men but not women.



How the Epipen fiasco could translate into higher premiums for all of us.



Should you let your boss know you are a caregiver?

A great 3 part series, “Confessions of a first-time caregiver” Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

States where seniors use home health the most.



Heart disease is still the top cause of death.



Is connectivity hold the key for early Alzheimer’s?  Also, can pomegranates protect the brain from dementia?

6 ways to solve problems with sleep and Alzheimer’s.

20% of Alzheimer’s diagnosed may be wrong.


Diet and Nutrition

How to stop food cravings, is it just in our head?

Physical activity curbs some harmful effect of drinking alcohol.



Wrapping It Up

That’s it for the best of senior health news, September 2016.  The internet is big out there!  Did I miss anything?  Reach me at @mwhomecare on Twitter or leave a comment below through our Facebook comments section!  Thanks for reading the very best in senior health news for September.