This is the 13th installment of our senior care news round up!  There is an awful lot of information to sort through every month, some good, but mostly bad.  So what so I do? I find the best articles for you from the past month.  This round up is going to focus heavily on dementia, it seemed that was the majority of the most important articles that were found.


Senior Care News Roundup

Here are my picks for the very best of senior health news and articles for February 2017.  Just click on the links you find interesting.  Anything with a [Must Read] is a must read!  I always welcome feedback, reach out below through our Facebook commenting section or on Twitter @mwhomecare.  Let’s get into it!!

General News

It seems that by 2030 our life expectancy will be over 80 years of age!

Insurances & Facilities

Assisted living facilities have seen an increase in medical marijuana use.


One-fifth of dementia cases could be caused by air pollution!

Studies continue to creep closer and closer to an Alzheimer’s vaccine but for people who sleep longer (over 9 hours) have double the chance of developing dementia.

A new drug successfully reverses Alzheimer’s symptoms in rats, while another study is showing a correlation between Alzheimer’s and diabetes because of sugar.  To add to correlations, heart disease and dementia are looking like they are linked as well.


An important article on the costs of being a family caregiver.  Also, learn how two communities prevent senior isolation.

What to do with all the “stuff” that is left over after your parent passes away.

Shameless Self Promotion

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Wrapping It Up

So there you have it, our 13th installment of the senior care round up.  If you have any feedback, please let us know below in the facebook comments!