We get calls asking if we provide transportation services for clients, which we do.  Even something as simple as driving from point A to point B and back can get complicated quickly when you are dealing with seniors.

So we decided to come up with the five things to know about transportation services when looking to hire a home care company.


Your Car or Ours?

While most families choose to have the caregiver drive their car, we can use yours if you like.

Most people choose to use the caregiver’s car.  Mainly because of safety.  People who are driving their car, know how to operate it and are more comfortable which makes for a safer trip.

With that being said, if the only option is to use the client’s vehicle that is fine as well, but most people choose the caregiver’s car.


It’s Not Just a Taxi Service

We have all had a good and a bad taxi experience.

The taxi comes to our house and beeps in the street (doesn’t bother coming up the driveway) and once you get in off you go.

We have also had the taxi driver that pulls up to the house, gets out, knocks on the door, assists with the bag and loads them into the trunk, opens the door for you and brings you to your destination.

With home care transportation services, you not only get the excellent taxi driver experience, but you get the escorting service as well.  We can come in the hope, help someone get ready for the day, assist them to the car, take them to as many appointments as they need and take them home.  

Once home we can help bring the bags in.  If it is groceries, we can put them away.  You tell us what tasks need to be done and we can complete them.



Other than what an agency hourly cost is, there is one additional cost to this type of service.  Mileage.

The IRS standard mileage rates are their calculation of what it costs to drive a personal vehicle one mile.  So that reimbursement rate is for gas, insurance, maintenance, depreciation and future repairs.  It comes out to be $.55/mile.

This cost is charged to you when the caregiver’s car is used to escort you parent around town.  If you decide to use your car, there is no additional cost.



Some agencies (including Minute Women) like to keep things local and have a distance limit.  For us, it is not a hard limit but a general rule of thumb – 15 miles.  We like to keep the driving distance to this rough number as it keeps everything local and the less driving, the less chance of an accident.  

With that being said, there are exceptions.  The holidays, special trips or vacations are an example of when seniors travel further than usual.

So every agency will be a little different, so ask what their policies are.


No Transportation Services

Some agencies do not allow transportation services what-so-ever.  Other only allow it for ongoing clients that use them for regular care.

The reason is that the service isn’t a high earner.  Usually, when someone needs you for transportation services, it is for a few hours at the most, and some agencies do not want to be bothered with sporadic transportation services.

Our views on transportation services are they are an excellent introduction to our company.  Home care is a word of mouth business and the more people that have positive interactions with Minute Women, the better!  

So while we won’t pay the rent with the short hour transportation services, you never know where they lead too.  Someone might be “interviewing” us with transportation services, knowing they will need more care soon.