Today we talk about why seniors don’t want to wear hearing aids.   Studies show that only 20% of those who have hearing loss decide to get a hearing aid.

So why do people not want to wear a hearing aid?


It Makes Me Look Old

Well, let’s be honest here.  If you need a hearing aid, you probably have grey hair or have lost your hair.

You likely have wrinkled skin and possibly have arthritis.  You are not fooling anyone.

Also, doesn’t it make you look old when you say “what did you say?” five times to hear someone?


Difficulty in Adapting

People use the excuse that they can not learn how to use new technology.

It is an excuse used in lieu of saying ‘I just don’t want this.’  

Of course, there are cases where someone is being honest and has difficulty adapting to new technologies, but everyone can learn if they want.  If he needs to watch your favorite TV program, I guarantee Uncle Joe is going to figure out how to use the new flat screen TV.



Some might not want to wear hearing aids because of how they look.  Personally, I think this goes back to the first reason for looking older.  

One idea to consider is that no one seems to mind wearing glasses, and those are an aid to help with sight.  They do make you look older, but we all wear them!  

As hearing aids have improved with technology, they have gotten smaller, transparent and more camouflaged so that many people would not even realize someone is wearing them.


Unrealistic Expectations

Some get frustrated that when they use hearing aids that it does not cure their hearing loss.  People’s expectations with hearing aids can lead to disappointment where they do not want to continue wearing them.

Remember that these are hearing aids, not hearing cures.  So your expectations may need to be toned down a bit.  They are there to help you hear, not to replace your ear.



This is an understandable reason some do not want to use a hearing aid – they can’t afford it.   Hearing aids are not paid for by Medicare.  

You need to get a proper fit, the right device and this is done by going to a doctor.  If the doctor thinks that a hearing aid can improve your quality of life, then it is something you should consider.

This also goes back to a previous point, which is glasses.  People make sure they have their glasses up to date with the prescription so they can see, treat your hearing the same way.


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