In a recent article on Home Health Care News, they mention that large home care agencies are trying to tap into the retiree market to hire new caregivers.

This is an interesting idea, as there are many baby boomers retiring from their main jobs that are wanting to stay active in the community, help others, and maybe make some money doing it.

I think that overall there is a huge amount of need for these older caregivers, but their age comes with some drawbacks.  These older caregivers will likely be unable to provide services that are physically demanding.  Transfer or shifting someone in bed might be out of the realm of possibility.

Additionally, baby boomers as a whole, are not saving like previous generations.  We have talked about this on our podcast multiple times, here, and here.  This leads there to be the issue that a growing number of retirees need to work after retirement.    

Overall I think the idea is a step in the right direction.  We do have a large gap between those who need help and those prepared to provide the care.  So to fill that gap we are going to need to be creative on how we find employees to provide this care.  Take a listen!


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