Today we talk about Winnowing.  What the heck is winnowing?

Well the definition: Winnowing– Separating Grain from Chaff

Background: Author daughter of 91 yr old mother who had moved from home of 40 years to 1 bedroom retirement apartment.  Her mother is in rehab and will be moving to the east coast to be closer to family in an assisted living facility. Mother overwhelmed by relocation-asked daughter to handle everything. Furniture and many items would not fit in a new environment, where do you begin with this process?

What she learned from Rehab:

  1. Clothing-EVERYTHING SHOULD MATCH- Staff is very busy & they are the ones picking the clothes. The more “Put together” the person appears, the more positive the interaction with the staff. They are seen as adults and “not children in lumpy sweats”
  2. Clothing-EVERYTHING SHOULD BE COMFORTABLE- Easy on & off (stretch), pockets for tissues. Easy layering- apartment can be warm, dining room chilly.

Our Two Cents:

  1. THINGS ARE EASILY LOST- Valuables should be substituted (especially wedding bands & diamonds) Despite labeling every piece of clothing, you can find a neighbor wearing your mother’s sweater.
  2. CLOTHING & BED LINENS SHOULD BE EASY MAINTENANCE- Facilities often use industrial machines & hot water. Delicates don’t survive.
  3. Safety means-COZY NOT CLUTTER.

In the end, it ended on a positive note, her mom did not miss the things that were missing- the important things were there.

The daughter stopped by one night at dinner time. Her mother told her that she gets invited to a restaurant every single night. Her daughter told her she was happy that she was getting out and about.


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